meatballs 11

roasted eggplant or pork and beef balls, tomato gravy, polenta & ricotta

sausage with grapes 11

blistered grapes, sausage, fennel 


mussels 15

mussels, lemon white wine sauce, basil, grill Italian garlic bread


arancini 11

risotto, gorgonzola, fig, pancetta crumble, pesto cream sauce


razor clams 17

razor clams, roasted corn, sweet spicy red pepper sauce, farro


bread board  11

marcona almonds, marinated olives, garlic confit, focaccia, herbed creamed olive oil



Caesar  9

artisan romaine, garlicky dressing, garlic parmesan croutons,shaved parmesan


Cucina  9

romaine, cucumber, tomato, goat cheese, pine nuts, champagne Dijon vinaigrette, garlic parmesan croutons



Lasagna 23

one noodle pasta, béchamel, beef bolognese, mozzarella, pecorino, ricotta


carbonara  21

smoked bucatini, pecorino, peas,pancetta 


mushroom pappardelle  25

pappardelle, seasonal wild mushrooms, pistachios, Calabrian chilis, shaved parmesan


amatriciana paccheri  15

rigatoni gigante, spicy tomatoes, roasted onions, pa­­ncetta, shaved parmesan


clam linguini   21

linguini, small neck clams, pancetta, fennel & fronds, saffron,­ lemon white wine sauce, grilled Italian garlic bread



Filet  39

8 oz. prime cut, horseradish panna cotta, polenta, veg of the moment


eggplant parmesan­­­    19

crispy eggplant, tomato jam, ricotta, pecorino, mozzarella, basil, pesto cream bucatini 

chicken Lambrusco   23

Lambrusco braised chicken breast, roast vegetables, parmesan polenta


chicken cacciatore  19

boneless chicken thighs, roasted peppers, onions, olives, stewed tomatoes, linguini


“pork and beans”    19

pork, braised cranberry beans, farro, root vegetables, pork jus & balsamic finish


fish market

market fish, small neck clams, broda, pesto



Caponata     17

eggplant, zucchini, tomato, peppers, raisins, capers, olives, pine nuts. 


Italian “pot roast”         23

Slow roasted beef and vegetables, shaved parmesan

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